5 Steps to a Better Landing Page

Mikal Belicove published an article entitled Graceful Landing that offers 5 steps to a top-notch landing page.

  1. Anticipate the customer’s expectations: Rather than link the customer to your home page, create a landing page specifically for those arriving through a pay per click advertisement. By the way – anticipating expectations is an important trait in all aspects of building customer relationships and earning their loyalty.
  2. Focus on a clear, unambiguous call to action: you’ve seen those sites that have a paragraph and then a buy now button and a few more sentences and a buy now button and so on. Why? Because it works. It is clear what you want the reader to do….BUY NOW.
  3. Incorporate SEO: just like with your regular site, pepper your landing page’s title tag and headlines with the key word phrases readers will use to find your site.
  4. Reduce clutter: another way of saying that is – stick to one message or one product. Be focused in your message.
  5. Convey safety and trust. People buy from those they like and trust. If they think you are just selling them something rather than fulfilling a need they will be able to sense that. Certainly using trustworthy sites for money collection and stating that you won’t sell their personal information is of key importance.
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