Adding Video to Your Website

The younger your audience the more important having interactive components to the websites you write has become. And it is inexpensive and really easy to do. 


  • Camera – I’ve used a Flipcam but it doesn’t connect with my Windows Movie Maker or I tend to stick with my regular digital camera’s video function
  • Tripod – you can get an inexpensive one practically anywhere from Staples to Wal-Mart to the local drug store. You don’t want to rely on a family member holding the camera steady.
  • Microphone – you can use the internal camera microphone, but the quality is better with a lapel mic or external microphone
  • Editing software – your PC has Movie Maker and the Mac has QuickTime – free!  Gotta love FREE!
  • YouTube or similar destination to upload your video to the web

The most expensive item for adding video to your website or blog is the amount of hours you’ll spend coming up with ideas and deciding what to wear!  My advice? Be casual professional – be yourself.  Slick doesn’t equate to approachable. 

Here’s a video attempt that shows just how human I can be!

Bottom line – people learn from your website content, but can also learn from a demonstration of your product in action so consider adding video to your website.

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