Akron Bloggers Community – A Great Place to Learn

Each month, on the last Thursday at 9:30am you’ll find me at Mocha Joe’s Coffee House learning and sharing tips about using the Internet to connect with customers.

The group started about three years ago with a focus on blogging but over time we’ve evolved to discussions on all types of social media and marketing. This last month we all agreed to write a blog post about the five things we’ve learned from participating in the Akron Blogging Community:

My Five Learns from the ABC group:

1. The ABC Group is the place to bring your questions – if the group doesn’t know the answer, someone knows who does. I was looking for a month to find a site to upload and sell digital goods and through the group I learned about e-junkie – perfect for single document e-book sales and affliliate programs.

2. Chris Brown, editor of Branding and Marketing, shared two great tips with us: the WordPress plug-in for Simple Pull Quotes and Link Within a wonderful widget (see below) that offers readers a selection of other postings within your blog they might be interested in reading. [pullquote]Chris also has a page dedicated to the ABC group on her Branding and Marketing Site – worth a visit.[/pullquote]

3. When I was writing the Policy for Social Media manual, I brought the piece to the group for their thoughts and edits – they were a great sounding board. And Chris provided a detailed process for helping to increase awareness!

4. I learned about the Google Wonder Wheel – a search tool that provides a mind map of additional key words terms. Do a Google search and then look at the left side bar and click on the Wonder Wheel link to see how cool of a tool it is.

5. The number of new links and resources that I’ve learned grows each month. The SEO plug in for WordPress, Pretty Links, converting your blog to mobile with mobigalore.com or creating an online to-do list at Toodledo.com.

I highly recommend stopping by at least once. There’s no charge, except for a cup of coffee or tea, and the information is priceless!

Maria Santoferraro has learned these five things. And Deborah Shapiro shared her list of five as well.

UPDATE – here are the five learns from Chris Brown

Five more learns from Jennifer Cox at NNEP

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