Are You Aware of All the Social Media Sites?

Yesterday on Us Media Radio, Candace Benson and I talked about the different social media sites that are available. We both mentioned a couple of websites that we like.

Candace likes Traffikd – it has a very active blog and then if you click on the social media sites tab, it provides the different social media sites broken down by interest category:

List of Social Media and Social Networking Sites

This page will be continually updated to add new resources, so please use our contact form if you know of a site that should be included.

Categories: (click on a link or scroll down the page)

Arts, Bookmarking, Cars and Auto, Connecting with Friends, Consumer Reviews, Cooking/Food, Cultures/Foreign Language, Dating, Education/Books, Event Planning, Family, Fashion/Clothing, Finance, Games, General Networking, Health/Medical, Internet Marketing, Link/Website Sharing, Microblogging/IM/Mobile, Movies, Music, News, Pets, Photo Sharing, Politics, Pop Culture, Professional, Real Estate, Religious, Shopping, Social Action, Sports, Technology, Teen, Travel, Video Sharing, Women, Miscellaneous

I like Knowem.  The reason I like this site is that you can check over 550 social media sites to see if your preferred user name is available. This helps with your consistency across all site.

Search over 550 popular social networks and over 40 domain names to instantly secure your brand across the social web.

Protect your brand or username from social media identity theft
This site also categorizes the social media sites but not by interest, rather by function:  blogging, business, networking, etc.
Both sites are worth a look. 
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