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Promote Your Next Event with Social Media

Social media has become the constant in our lives.  We use it to stay connected with friends and family, to network with colleagues, to see what is being said about our industry in real time and to share videos and

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Press Releases – Still a Viable Marketing Tool

In my recent newsletter Words People Read I talk about press releases and how business owners can use them to keep their company name in front of customers. The newsletter went out to my mailing list yesterday and then last

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Avoid Website Content and Development Sins

Updating your website design and content is something you should consider periodically. Functionality and purpose change over time and the last thing you want prospects finding when they land on your website is the equivalent of an orange and yellow

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Connect Twitter to Your Blog

You may have already figured out the plug in/widget that will automatically tweet when you have posted a new blog article, but what about those old posts? Denise Wakeman shared a plug in that she uses that helps to auto

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Twitter – The New CB Radio?

Last night as I drove south on Route 8 through Cuyahoga Falls the traffic came to a stand still.  It was about 6pm and I was already late for a 6pm meeting. I looked in the distance but couldn’t see

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Be Accessible – Tear Down the Walls to Access Your Brilliance

How many times do you visit a website to read an article or download a white paper and have to enter your email address first? The information  may be free, but the company puts a wall up between you and

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Social Media in One Hour a Day

I’m reading the book Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars – skipping around – finding amazing information on every page, including the last chapter. Social Media in One Hour a Day by Dave Evans who actually wrote a

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7 Social Media Secrets to Build Credibility

You have social media accounts and you have been a little bit active with LinkedIn and Twitter. You may even have an e-newsletter than you send out. It is time to take it to the next level.  I have created an

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Increase Backlinks to Your Website the Right Way

PodCamp Cleveland, part two. Part One on Hubpages. After lunch, pizza from Stancatos – yum – we headed back to the classrooms. This time I attended Wendy Suto’s (Search Circus) class on Finding Legitimate Inbound Links a.k.a. Back Links. Increase

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PodCamp Cleveland was Amazing

First – a huge thank you to the people that did all of the work behind the scenes at PodCamp Cleveland like Wendy Suto and Alicia Young and so many others. What a wonderful day of networking and learning. In

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