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The Latest Stock Option – You!

Are you ready for this? Social media has added yet another way to waste your time – buying and selling each other. Yep, you heard me. Launched this past month, Empire Avenue a website that allows you to buy stock

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Too Much Social Media Hurts Your Brand

There is a guy in my LinkedIn network that loves to answer questions. Each week on my LinkedIn status update I find that he’s answered 50+ questions in the areas of his expertise. Some may say “wow he clearly knows

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Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Through Social Media

How many of you still use the paper Yellow Pages that comes crashing onto your front porch a couple times a year? I mean use it for something other than a door stop or booster seat for your toddler? We

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Alexa a Great Website Writing Tool

So how popular is your website or blog? Do people link to you? Do people visit? How do you know? One way is to install Google Analytics on your site. It allows you to track the actual visitors, how long

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Are You Aware of All the Social Media Sites?

Yesterday on Us Media Radio, Candace Benson and I talked about the different social media sites that are available. We both mentioned a couple of websites that we like. Candace likes Traffikd – it has a very active blog and

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Words: The Most Powerful Part of a Great Website

You’ve heard about “spinning” a message and people who can artfully “turn a phrase.” It truly is an artform. Two people can say exactly the same thing with totally different results. Website content that effectively tells about the solutions you

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Create a 30 Second Commercial with Animoto

Have you heard of Animoto? It is a great online tool for combining photos and an audio track in an animated way to communicate a message. I first used it to create a little video as a memory keepsake of

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Podcamp Cleveland is Just Around the Corner

Mark your calendar for April 30, 2011 – all day Saturday you will be joined by leaders in the social media industry as well as newbies to the medium. It is an unconference, by that I mean, no one is

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Every Website Page is Your Home Page

You just never know where an organic search will land a prospect. In a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article, the author, Mikal Belicove, reminds us to make sure we have all of our important company information on every page. When a

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SEO Website Packages

Very excited! I am working with Crystal Pirri, Digital Access Pass Guru, to create easy to set up website packages for people looking for a vibrant, interative website/blog just like this one. Crystal is vastly experienced in WordPress and Digital

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