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Count Your Blessings

We have all been glued to the television over the last week as nature has ravaged Japan and several other places in the world causing death, injury and homelessness.  I look around at my life and feel so very blessed.

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Blogging Question for a Website Writer

Not long ago I was on a panel talking about blogging for business.  We asked the attendees to write down their questions and our presentation basically consisted of answering the questions.  Here is one of the questions I am asked

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7 Social Media Secrets that Build Awareness

I was recently asked to speak to a group of women business owners – I was given 25 minutes and I needed to talk about social media. The most talked about and yet rarely understood topic that is on the

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Build a Business Community with Squidoo

I belong to the Akron Blogging Community – a group of bloggers and social media enthusiasts who meet monthly to share their challenges and new learns with social media. Recently our co-founder, Chris Brown, developed a  Squidoo Lens (landing page with

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Top Four Priorities When Writing Websites

Leslie Carruthers of Search Guru was a speaker at the Make Money While You Sleep conference and as I’ve previously mentioned, she spoke to the value of doing your keyword research when writing websites, but that is just one of

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Press Releases by Website Writers

It used to be that press releases were written when a business opened, closed or added a product. The release was mailed with a complete media kit to the editor of choice and you crossed your fingers that it didn’t

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Writing Great Website Content Requires Keyword Research

At a recent conference sponsored by Norma Rist of Women Owners Daily, entitled Make Money While You Sleep, several presenters offered great information on search engine optimization, key words, writing words people read and using social media to connect with

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AllWrite Ink New Writing Websites Design Goes Live

Thanks to Crystal Pirri, pictured here, for all her help with making this new site design come to life. Although my prior site served me well for over five years, it was time for a change. I had several objectives

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Do You Tweet?

Celebrities do it. Politicians do it. Business owners do it. Do you tweet? They say that Facebook are the people you knew, LinkedIn are the people you know and Tweeple (People on Twitter) are the people you need to know.

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How Do You Make Something Go Viral?

The question of the day. With YouTube now second only to Google as a search tool, more and more companies are looking to add video to their marketing strategy. But how do you get people to watch – that is,

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