Avoid Website Content and Development Sins

Updating your website design and content is something you should consider periodically. Functionality and purpose change over time and the last thing you want prospects finding when they land on your website is the equivalent of an orange and yellow shag carpet.

As you begin the process keep two things in mind:

1.  Say NO

2. Your reader

In an article in Inc Magazine, the author, Jason Fried, talks about the benefits of saying to no to continually tacking on more pages and more functions and more flash and more and more until your site becomes a cluttered, unfocused mess.  Here are a few snippets from the article

If the laws of physics govern the physical world, the word no governs the virtual world. “No, hat’s one feature too many.” “No, that’s just not work it.” No no no!

This is just too much. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not simple It’s not clear.

No means you have to make tough choices that aren’t always obvious at the time. No can be hard, even painful; it can lead to imagining what could have been.

Saying no may be painful but in the end, if you do, you will have website that is reader focused and presents your company in a professional and organized way.

Another article that supports the same theme comes from Entrepreneur Magazine in which the staff writer talks about the Sins of Website Design.

  • Being cluttered
  • Making things difficult
  • Staying static
  • Copying your competition
  • Ignoring your audience’s needs
  • Eschewing analytics
  • Refusing to get help

Two key things to keep in mind – YOUR CUSTOMERS/READERS/AUDIENCE.

What do they want?

What are they looking for?

What is their pain?

How are you different?

Make sure you keep those questions in mind when developing your website and creating website content.

The second thing to keep in mind is to ask for help. With all of the do it yourself online tools, books and YouTube videos, small business owners are thinking they can do it themselves when in fact…well, maybe they can. But the reality is, it is better to ask for help from someone with experience in this ever changing virtual world. If you are looking for help creating a web presence that you can then manage, add a blog, add pictures – you might want to check out SEO Website Packages.

If you need help keeping your website content reader focused and continuously updated, you may want to consider help from a website writer. Call me. 330-414-8792. I can help write the content, but if you want to write it yourself, I can help you create an editorial calendar so that you stay focused and committed to regularly updating your website.

Remember – say no and keep your audience in mind when creating, revising or updating your website content.

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