Blogging Question for a Website Writer

Not long ago I was on a panel talking about blogging for business.  We asked the attendees to write down their questions and our presentation basically consisted of answering the questions.  Here is one of the questions I am asked frequently:

Other than SEO and building brand awareness, how does a corporate blog benefit a business?

As a customer relationship specialist, I view blogs as a perfect opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise and to engage your audience in conversation. Most blogs share an opinion or raise a question which invites the reader to agree or disagree.  Your website is written as a corporate marketing piece – polished and formal.  Information shared without an opportunity to interact.

A blog is written in a more personal voice, it is topical, current, sometimes controversial but always a open door for customers and prospects to comment.

The most successful blogs are timely and informative – not just sales messages that drive traffic back to your website. Website writers understand the value of well written web content, but also the importnace of that personal connection in a blog. Two different types of writing style.

Chris Brown was on our radio show Us Media Radio back in November and her episode continues to be the one most listened to.  You can stream the broadcast on your tuner right now or download and listen to it on your iPod, but listen to Chris talk about the benefits of blogging for business.  She is the writer and publisher of one of the most popular marketing blogs Branding and Marketing and currently has almost 9,000 subscribers tuning in to see what she has to say each week. 

I invite you to listen to her interview and check out her blog. It is packed – jam packed – with valuable insights, tips, tools and strategies for marketing your business. 

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