Us Media Radio – New Blog Talk Show – Tune In

Starting this coming Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 10am est a new radio voice will be heard. Actually, two voices.

Candace Benson of Camp Tech will be sharing her views from a technical perspective and yours truly from AllWrite Ink will be covering the customer relationship perspective.

Us Media Radio: Where Relationships and Technology collide happened by accident.

Two weeks ago Candace and I were in a meeting and someone mentioned that since the movie The Social Network hit the big screens, there have been new lawsuits against Mark Zuckerberg for invasion of privacy. Candace was appalled. “How can he possibly be held responsible for something that a person voluntarily signs up for?”

“Easy,” I countered. “He made it so difficult to actually make sure your privacy was protected by hiding all of the functionality in difficult to find places that people thought they were safe and private when in fact, they weren’t.”

The conversation went down hill from there. Candace standing shoulder to shoulder with Mark Zuckerberg and me – representing the privacy of 500,000,000 friends.

“Stop!” I said, “Before we harm our friendship. This should be a radio show!” And thus, Us Media Radio was born.

Every Tuesday morning from 10-10:30 EST we will share thoughts on how technology is making it possible, exciting, easy and potentially dangerous to connect with customers, peers and industry leaders. Speaking of industry leaders – most weeks we will have a guest on – a “subject matter expert” that will share their views on a particular brand of social media or marketing technology and Candace will ask the technology questions while I defend the rights of the customer.

The boxing gloves are on – hope you’ll tune in!. Call (805) 285-9848 this Tuesday at 10am EST to listen to us debate the movie The Social Network and Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg – are you available? Call in and meet your newest best friend – Candace Benson!

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