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Press Releases – Still a Viable Marketing Tool

In my recent newsletter Words People Read I talk about press releases and how business owners can use them to keep their company name in front of customers. The newsletter went out to my mailing list yesterday and then last

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Be Accessible – Tear Down the Walls to Access Your Brilliance

How many times do you visit a website to read an article or download a white paper and have to enter your email address first? The information  may be free, but the company puts a wall up between you and

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Social Media in One Hour a Day

I’m reading the book Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars – skipping around – finding amazing information on every page, including the last chapter. Social Media in One Hour a Day by Dave Evans who actually wrote a

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7 Social Media Secrets to Build Credibility

You have social media accounts and you have been a little bit active with LinkedIn and Twitter. You may even have an e-newsletter than you send out. It is time to take it to the next level.  I have created an

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PodCamp Cleveland was Amazing

First – a huge thank you to the people that did all of the work behind the scenes at PodCamp Cleveland like Wendy Suto and Alicia Young and so many others. What a wonderful day of networking and learning. In

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Podcamp Cleveland is Just Around the Corner

Mark your calendar for April 30, 2011 – all day Saturday you will be joined by leaders in the social media industry as well as newbies to the medium. It is an unconference, by that I mean, no one is

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Press Releases by Website Writers

It used to be that press releases were written when a business opened, closed or added a product. The release was mailed with a complete media kit to the editor of choice and you crossed your fingers that it didn’t

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How Do You Make Something Go Viral?

The question of the day. With YouTube now second only to Google as a search tool, more and more companies are looking to add video to their marketing strategy. But how do you get people to watch – that is,

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LinkedIn Offers New Profile Details

I just discovered a new FREE application available to spice up your LinkedIn profile. Have you been published – in a book or an article? Do you have patents attibuted to your name? Can you speak or translate languages? Have

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Why Executives Should Embrace Social Media

If you are an executive sticking your nose in the air at the latest “fad”…social media…you better look again. As a leader in your business, you like facts and figures so here are a few for you to ponder: •In

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