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Avoid Website Content and Development Sins

Updating your website design and content is something you should consider periodically. Functionality and purpose change over time and the last thing you want prospects finding when they land on your website is the equivalent of an orange and yellow

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Words: The Most Powerful Part of a Great Website

You’ve heard about “spinning” a message and people who can artfully “turn a phrase.” It truly is an artform. Two people can say exactly the same thing with totally different results. Website content that effectively tells about the solutions you

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Blogging Question for a Website Writer

Not long ago I was on a panel talking about blogging for business.  We asked the attendees to write down their questions and our presentation basically consisted of answering the questions.  Here is one of the questions I am asked

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Top Four Priorities When Writing Websites

Leslie Carruthers of Search Guru was a speaker at the Make Money While You Sleep conference and as I’ve previously mentioned, she spoke to the value of doing your keyword research when writing websites, but that is just one of

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Press Releases by Website Writers

It used to be that press releases were written when a business opened, closed or added a product. The release was mailed with a complete media kit to the editor of choice and you crossed your fingers that it didn’t

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Website Writers Understand the Importance of Website Usability

There have been millions of articles written about website content, website functionality and effective use of website design, but it never hurts to get back to the basics of understanding what is important for a website to be reader-friendly. Consultant

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Google offers SEO Guide for Website Writing

You don’t have to be a website writer to use the new Google SEO Guide. The information is easy to understand and since you know it is from Google – the leader in search engines – you’ll want to pay

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