Connect Twitter to Your Blog

You may have already figured out the plug in/widget that will automatically tweet when you have posted a new blog article, but what about those old posts?

Denise Wakeman shared a plug in that she uses that helps to auto populate your Twitter account with the blog posts from the past. The plug in is called Tweet Old Post. If you have a blog (one you are hosting yourself) you can add this plug into your site.

The plug in will connect with your Twitter account and automatically retweet your older posts to your Twitter followers.

Save the plug in zip file to your computer and then open up your blog dashboard

Click on Add new plug in from the side menu bar

Click on Upload and then browse through your files to find the plug in zip folder

Click Activate.

Go back to your dashboard and you will now see a Tweet Old Posts tab on the side bar. Click on that tab and connect the plug in with your Twitter account and set your requirements (how often do you want the tweets, which categories from your blog, etc.)

Save your changes.  And you are good to go!

NOTE:  Remember the 80/20 rule. Your Tweets shouldn’t just be re-purposing your prior content, you also need to engage in conversation, retweet, reply, ask questions, get involved. It is called SOCIAL media, not PUSH OUT CONTENT media.

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