Count Your Blessings

Consider Making a Donation

We have all been glued to the television over the last week as nature has ravaged Japan and several other places in the world causing death, injury and homelessness.  I look around at my life and feel so very blessed. Oh, maybe I wish I had more this or that or wish I didn’t have to deal with him or her but in truth, I am blessed beyond measure.

And I bet you feel the same.

So I thought I would just make it easy for you in case you felt inclined to donate to the Japanese relief efforts or something a little closer to home. You’ll see that I’ve added a widget over to the right with the American Red Cross logo.  It isn’t an affiliate – I don’t get a commission – there isn’t any connection other than making it easy for my dear readers to donate, should you feel inclined.

Click on the logo and it takes you to the donation page of the Red Cross website and there you can select which effort you’d like to support.

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