Create a 30 Second Commercial with Animoto

Have you heard of Animoto? It is a great online tool for combining photos and an audio track in an animated way to communicate a message. I first used it to create a little video as a memory keepsake of the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana concert my daughter and I attended. It was easy and fun.

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That was two years ago and I guess I had forgotten what a fun tool it was and frankly didn’t think of it in terms of business. But Thursday I attended the monthly Akron Bloggers meeting and one of the members talked about using Animoto and so I thought about how I might combine testimonies of people who have heard me speak with photos and an audio track of my 30 second commerical. See what you think:

Create your own video slideshow at

People gather information in many different ways; in person, through reading and also visually. Creating a video is a great way to demonstrate your products and services, however, some people are intimidated by the equipment and the process, how they look and how they edit. Animoto is a great solution because they do all the work.


  • Upload photos from your computer
  • Select music – if you don’t own the rights to music, they offer a wide collection of different music styles
  • Your own audio – if you want to include a personal message, like I did – you can record your voice into a similar program like Audacity and save it as an MP3 file and then upload
  • Select your freeze frame picture from the images you’ve uploaded
  • Write a title for your video and a brief description – make sure you include key words
  • Click the create button and just wait for Animoto to do the rest.

Once the video is created – takes about 3-5 minutes depending on the size of your photo files – you are given the option to upload to YouTube, share on Twitter, Facebook or other social sites or embed a copy into your website or blog like I have done.

Each 30 second video is free. You can pay $5/month and create longer videos that also will not include the Animoto logo, but for now their free option  suits my needs. 

Okay – what are you waiting for? Get started and then send me the link in the comments section so we can all take a look at your video.

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