E-Newsletter Writing Tips from a Newsletter Writer

Are you connecting with customers and prospects with a regular e-newsletter? Newsletter writers will tell you that to be effective, you need to provide value rather than promoting your latest product.  Here are just a few tips for writing newsletters that people read:

1. Keep it short. People aren’t going to read a long newsletter.

2.  Offer value not a sales pitch. You may have a call to action at the end, but the body of the newsletter should be informative, timely and valuable.  If it is just a sales pitch – they’ll only open it once – you want regular readers.

3.  Link within the body of the article to additional sites that add even more value – one of those might be your site, but use other resources as well.

4.  If you are writing more than one article – just include the first paragraph and then link to the “rest of the story.” Send them to your website or blog for the entire article.

5.  Headlines and subject lines are key.  There is a whole science around creating effective subject lines that get past the spam filters and then are enticing enough to be clicked on by the reader.  I would encourage you to study articles that Copyblogger has written on the subject.  Here’s an article with 13 emotion-filled headlines that work.

Looking for a newsletter writer – that is my specialty.  Here is an archive of newsletters I’ve written for my company.  Check out the writing style – if this is something you could use for your company – give me a buzz.  330-414-8792.

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