Facebook Gives Away Your Location

In an effort to compete with the popular Four Square application, Facebook recently announced a new application which allows you to let people know where you are when updating your Facebook status.

With Four Square – YOU decide if you want to check into a location.

With Facebook – THEY decide for you. This new application automatically announces the fact that you are away from home or the office – on the golf course when you should be at the “doctors” or any other location that perhaps you don’t want the world to know. Not only that – Facebook’s new application allows OTHER PEOPLE to spread the word about where you are. So if you meet someone at a bar or restaurant or the mall – the other person can update your status with your location on your behalf.

Imagine the kind of trouble – not to mention safety issues this lack of choice can cause. So here is an article that beautifully outlines the instructions for changing this new application so that you are in control. Author Kim Komando tells how to keep Facebook from broadcasting your location.

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