Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn:Quick Guide for Entrepreneurs

Christine Giri, CEO of Time Tamer has just published an ebook designed for the entrepreneur that wants to understand and participate in social media. The book offers great tips, screen prints and examples from other entrepreneurs about how social media has helped their business.

I’m even quoted on page 51!

Last year I wrote a marketing book for entrepreneurs and before I self published I wanted quotes on the back from people in the marketing industry. I didn’t have relationships with them and tried to figure out the best way to connect, ask them to read the book and have them provide a quote. So I decided to use Twitter. I sent six people a direct tweet about my book and asked if they would be willing to read and if they liked, to provide a quote. Within FOUR HOURS I’d heard from five saying – send me the book. The next day I heard from the sixth also agreeing to read the book. In the end five out of six provided a quote – far more glowing than I would have written for myself!

Check out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Quick Guide for Entrepreneurs. You’ll find a sample of the book. The book also contains several workbook pages to help you get started.

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