Google offers SEO Guide for Website Writing

You don’t have to be a website writer to use the new Google SEO Guide.

The information is easy to understand and since you know it is from Google – the leader in search engines – you’ll want to pay attention.

The table of contents includes:

  • SEO Basics
  • Improving Site Structure
  • Optimizing Content
  • Dealing with Crawlers
  • SEO for Mobile Phones
  • Promotions and Analysis

On page 14 you’ll find a great article about writing website content that will rank high in the search results:

Think about the words that a user might search for to find a piece of your content. Users who know a lot about the topic might use different keywords in their search queries than someone who is new to the topic. For example, a long-time baseball fan might search for (NLCS), an acronym for the National League Championship Series, while a new fan might use a more general query like baseball playoffs.

That’s a great point – every topic has a variety of audience members so you’ll need to think through from multiple perspectives, what terms they’ll use to search for your site.

Check it out – it is a great resource and its free!

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