How Do You Make Something Go Viral?

The question of the day. With YouTube now second only to Google as a search tool, more and more companies are looking to add video to their marketing strategy.

But how do you get people to watch – that is, people other than friends and family?

Michael Terpin, founder and CEO of Social Radius was recently quoted in an article in Entrepreneur Magazine called “OMG – Check it out!”

Sound familiar -have you received texts or emails that say the same thing followed by a link to a YouTube video? Just today on Twitter someone was talking about the Prank Wars on College Humor site.

Terpin says you don’t need a big budget to create a YouTube sensation, just a two-minute-or-less short that is funny, inspirational and–above all–decently produced.

That little sentence is really important – be short – be funny – be well produced.

Steve Strauss wrote an article this year offering 7 Steps to Creating a Viral Video.

Steve offers advice for creating buzz about your video:

·      Blast an email out to your list. Link the video and recommend that people watch it and forward it.

·      Tweet about it. Embed it and share it on Facebook. Ask friends on Facebook and Twitter to share it. Digg it. You know the drill.

·      Put it on your homepage

·      Embed it into your blog and blog about it on your site.

·      Try and get other bloggers, high profile bloggers, to blog about it. Some folks even pay bloggers to embed it and blog about it.

·      Go to relevant forums, post it, recommend it, and start threads about it.

Of course it comes down to your message the community you have built. Terpin goes on to advise:

When you’re ready to seed your material, mine your social networks for both the “right” people and those who are connected to them. And, of course, tweet, Facebook and e-mail away, asking friends to pass it along. But make sure your video is actually good before you do.

He also cautions that the video should be good – you don’t want to associate your brand with junk.

This next Tuesday on Us Media Radio, we’ll be having Deb Shapiro of Montrose Video who will be talking to us about video marketing. You might want to put this show on your calendar – 10am est Tuesday, November 23, 2010.

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