How is a Blog Different from a Website?

You hear talk of having a blog – but you already have a website – why do you need both?

A website is the glossy marketing image of your business.  You update it fairly regularly but you do so in a more formal, professional manner.

A blog is a conversation.  Each post represents a single thought.  An opinion. A tip for being successful.

Websites project the professional you and blogs show the personal side.

People buy from those they like and trust. Rarely will a prospect buy from just one visit to a website (unless it is a catelogue site and even then there has been brand awareness or supply and demand created from some other marketing vehicle). 

People learn a couple things from your website:

1.  Whether you can provide the products/services they need.

2.  If you “get them” you understand their needs and sound like you understand their problem.

People learn more about who you are personally on the blog.  Not about your family – but about what you value and your view points.  Blogs allow you the opportunity to share insights, background stories, little known secrets that you won’t find on a website, but that make you more approachable and desirable as a potential vendor from a customer’s perspective.

Visit Alltop for a chance to see a variety of blogs in your industry.  Note the different approaches.  Some tell stories.  Some give numbered lists for success (7 things to do to become more attractive), some review the competition. 

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