How to Write Websites Biography Page

Just how much detail should you share when writing your website bio page? Do I really need a picture?

Today our professional head shot has become more valuable than our logo. People remember what we look like even if they don’t remember our name or our company.  Having a photo that clearly shows your face and is current, is important, not only for your website bio page but also for your LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Facebook and blog. 

Beyond sharing your photo, here are a few tips for writing websites “about us” page:

  • If the about us page will contain information about the history of the company then start with when it opened
  • Why did you start the company? What niche did you want to fill?
  • Why was this important to you?
  • Identify your ideal customer – who were you creating the company to help?
  • Do you have multiple locations – mention how you went from one location to many.
  • Spotlight each of the primary people – starting with yourself.  What is your background – not a resume, so much as experience. Name drop companies that you have worked for and OUTCOMES that you have successfully achieved.

Here’ s a link to an article with even more thoughts on writing a biography page for your website.

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