How to Write Websites People Read

I talk about writing websites people read when most sites will tell you about how to write websites that will make money or land you on the top of the search results. 

My passion is customer relationships and one of the key ways we begin to build those relationships is with the prospect’s first impression.  We have been mastering the art of winning them over in person but in this new age of technology we have to write websites that let the reader know, from the minute they find us, that we UNDERSTAND them and have what it takes to HELP them.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when creating their landing pages is to write like a marketing brochure.  Talk about features and listing out services and talking about how many years you’ve been serving the community should be saved for when you are actually having a conversation with the prospect.

Your website content should be compelling enough to get the reader to take action.  Save the hard sell for when you’ve actually connected. 

Forget that.

There should never be a hard sell.  It should be a give and take of information – that’s how you build relationships and earn your customer’s loyalty.

But it all begins with the first impression and in the case of your website, it is with website content that draws the reader in so they read the next sentence, the next paragraph and ultimately pick up the phone to have a conversation with you.

Does your website content do that? If not, maybe you want to consider a web site copywriter.  Call me, I can help.  330-414-8792.

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