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PodCamp Cleveland, part two. Part One on Hubpages.

After lunch, pizza from Stancatos – yum – we headed back to the classrooms. This time I attended Wendy Suto’s (Search Circus) class on Finding Legitimate Inbound Links a.k.a. Back Links.

  • Increase links to the site every month
  • Google requires it – Google looks for people linking to you to add to your website’s credibility
  • There are different point systems based on the weight of the site linking
  • The ultimate inbound links come from .gov or .edu – golden – higher quality and reputable site
  • Google thinks you are more important because you have a link from one of those sites
  • Think about links in terms of school – as a freshman you don’t have many friends by the time you are a senior you have lots of people and everyone knows who you are – just like that – it takes time to build a series of inbound links
  • It is about believe in you and trusting you
  • Google looks at 25 factors for getting you on the first page
    • Social media
    • What you doing outside your website
    • Number of people that link to you
    • Not a short term solution – it takes time
    • Long term investment to building links
    • Need to work on continually – if you stop you will fall back down and your competitors will go ahead of you
  • How and what type of links link to you?
  • Here’s an article from Wendy on the dos and don’ts of links
  • For link popularity – some are more accurate than others
  • To see how popular your site is visit:
    • (do in Google, Yahoo and Bing)   
  • Check to see if you have a real estate, porn or gambling site linking to you – not good!!!
  • Yahoo and Bing accept comments as links and Google only accepts some of them
  • Google wants to make sure you have the same or more inbound links as your competitor
  • Reciprocal links no longer mean anything at Google
  • Reciprocal links are good for visitors but keep it to under 25
  • Put this on your site:

If you’d like to link to us, here is the link code. Put this on your link or resource page but not the about us page

  • If you have a links page, have them all the same format – keep them the same length
  • Set rules – company name, 50 words and one keyword linked phrase
  • Warning:  JC Penney and Home Depot paid an outside company to build their inbound links and the links had nothing to do with the retailer. They added a bunch of banner ads and pushed out their affliante banner ads and didn’t pay attention to the reputation and Google penalized them.
  • Google penalizes you if you have a huge jump in inbound links and so they then look at every site to see if they are sites that make sense for your business
  • Different types of links that Google recognizes
    • Google is now connected to Twitter and is using the links in the bio and tweets and uses keyword phrases in 50% of the time and soon Google will have those tweets come up in the organic search results
    • Linkedin groups, Linked in event – these links have value
    • Links from
    • Articles, feature articles online – ten at the most per month
      • Free press release sites
      • Articles on article directories – change the title and change the copy for each directory
      • Hubpages
      • Blog
      • Ezine
      • Article base
    • Submit site to directories, yellow page, local directories, yellow, city search, google, bing, yahoo,, hotfrog,,
    • Don’t write the same paragraph for each directory
    • Partner up with people related to you in your business
    • Social bookmarketing sites; delicious, digg, stumble upon, reddit, bookit and you can access them from any company and then share them
    • Share all of the links about my business on the social bookmarking sites
    • Chamber links
    • Networking groups
    • Professional womens groups, trade groups
    • Don’t just be in one place – vary your links

Whew! It was a jammed packed 45 minutes. Here are some more inbound and link blog posts from Wendy @searchcircus:

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