LinkedIn Status Updates – Super Sized

I listened in to the webinar hosted by Lewis Howes and Sean Malarkey yesterday. In one very short hour they slammed more than 800 listeners with great tips for using social media to connect with customers and grow our business. I took seven pages of notes! Great stuff. So today I’m putting their tips into practice.

Lewis – the LinkedIn guru, showed a quick way to turn your status update on LinkedIn into a rocket ship of power.

We all know how to type an update (140 characters or less) and hit the “share” button. Many of you who have Twitter connected to LinkedIn can also click the little box next to the Twitter logo and blast your update out to your followers.

But did you know there is more that you can do?

After you’ve written your update and clicked “share,” your page refreshes with the status update and any connected link on your home page. Beneath the update is a little “share” link.

Click that link!

A new box opens up with allows you to share that update with the groups you belong to or force it out to your connections. It is a great tool. One to use sparingly. I wouldn’t force out an update that just says you are enjoying a sunny day, but if you are planning to attend or host or present at an event – that’s news to share to the greater community. With just a few extra clicks your message now appears in front of thousands of people!

It is a beautiful thing. Give it a try.

One additional tip. If you are planning an event and have created a LinkedIn page for the event, don’t use the auto-created invitation. Take the few minutes to actually craft an inviting message instead of the run-on sentences with a long link jammed in the middle. Use the link – use the information, but create an opening sentence and space between the paragraphs. People are conditioned to see those auto-generated invites and may just delete without reading. So take the time to stand out!

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