More Tips on Using Video on Your Website

So let’s stick with the same theme of adding video to your website. Once you’ve filmed the video, uploaded to the Internet and embedded into your site – how do you get an audience (besides your kids) to watch and start the process of creating a viral video?

In an article by David Carnoy entitled Taking Your Video Viral, he offers five great tips. I want to focus on tip #3:

Tap a creator with a built-in audience. If you’re a YouTube newbie, you may only get a few dozen hits (mostly from your friends). But Nalty, author of a free e-book loaded with tips, says he gets more than 40,000 views on each video. “The most important way to get organic views is to have your video uploaded by someone who has subscribers,” says Nalty, who has about 65,000 subscribers. To find these users, click on YouTube’s “Channels” tab, then choose the “Most Subscribed” link.

Why reinvent the invitation list when there are others out there already communication with thousands that will find your video of interest or of value as well.  Not just on YouTube but also think about the Twitter-People (Tweople) you follow.  Maybe send a tweet to those who also have a large following and create some buzz.

Use key words and benefits statements in your tweet and emails that advertise your latest video message.

This video shows 7 tips for making your video viral. This inappropriate thumbnail is just one of the tips he suggests – selecting a thumbnail image that will attract viewers and inspire them to click. This video itself is not inappropriate.

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