Need a Social Media Buddy?

Just like everything in life – it goes better with friends.

Social media (just like it sounds) is a social environment where people are connecting to share information, generate a discussion or seek help.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit with a customer at his desk and discuss his goals for his Internet presence. He had been using social media to PUSH information out to his friends, connections and Tweeple. He was focusing on the “media” portion of the phrase social media, rather than the relationship part.

We talked through ways he could actual invite conversation and the benefit of sharing other’s information and ideas to his community. Rather than having everything come from his mouth/brain – he is now sharing trends and tips from others within the industry.

He’s reaching out and building social media buddies.

It is easy to learn how to write website content and create blog content that tells what you know. But the whole idea behind a successful social media experience is the give and take of ideas.

Want some help understanding how to engage your listeners in conversation so that you can build relationships and ultimately build awareness and sales?

Check out the Deborah_Brown_Seminar_Flyer or better yet – just email me: I’d love to chat.

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