Number One Tip for Writing Websites People Read

As companies realize the value of actively participating in social media the next question after “how” is “how do I protect my company’s brand?”

Unless you are a company of One, you most likely have an associate providing content and connecting with customer/prospects via social media.

How do you make sure they say the right things?

How do you protect your brand?

A lot of companies are saying – rather than run the risk, I’ll just block social media from being available.

The problem with this is that it keeps your customers from connecting and building relationships with your associates. People buy from PEOPLE they like and trust – not corporations.

So you need to bite the bullet and allow social media access. The best way is be defining the sand box, giving clear instructions and then monitoring the actions.

Having a policy for social media is the best place to start. Clearly define the hows and how-nots so that there aren’t any grey areas. You don’t want an employee spilling the beans of your next top secret marketing campaign and then saying “oh, I wasn’t suppose to share that on Facebook?”

I have created a policy manual – a policy for social media which includes 16 policies and the detailed procedures for each one. You can make changes or additions, but at least you’ll have something in writing if you start with my policy for social media kit.

Check it out. For a small investment of $49.95 you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve defined the rules of social media participation.

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