Policy for Social Media Research – Overwhelming

I just found a blog post from the Automotive Industry that offers 100 policies that mention some form of social media. The policies are in writing and vary in topic from Twitter behavior to what is acceptable when you are off duty.

The list is extensive and exhausting. Most are industry specific and very few are all encompassing. In a recent article at Brand Channel, author Sheila Shayon mentioned that most social media policies of businesses surveyed talk about marketing but not human resources or recruiting.

The Policy for Social Media includes 16 policies and procedures that encompass:

  • The benefits of social media from the company, employee and customer perspectives
  • The dos and don’ts of participating
  • How employees can use social media to build their personal credibility
  • How to establish a relationship with customers and promote 2-way conversation
  • Using social media for research – customer’s opinions and company information for sales growth opportunities
  • Specific unacceptable behavior and the consequences – when using social media on and off the job
  • How to successfully include social media participation into your already busy day

Are there plenty of articles, samples of social media policies and blog posts to help you create your own policy or social media? Sure – but why spend the time when there is already one available to download today.

Check out the Policy for Social Media (which I wrote – offering full disclosure) and download your copy today for just $49.95.

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