Press Releases by Website Writers

It used to be that press releases were written when a business opened, closed or added a product. The release was mailed with a complete media kit to the editor of choice and you crossed your fingers that it didn’t end up in the circular file.

Those days are over. Press releases can be powerful tools that keep your name and the value you provide in front of existing and prospective customers. David Meerman Scott wrote a free e-book several years ago entitled the New Rules of PR  in which he outlined some of the additional ways press releases could be used.

Joan Stewart, owner of Publicity Hound put together 89 reasons to write a press release.  Joan helps PR people develop strong relationships with the print, broadcast and Internet media. Click Here to take a look.

Website writers now understand the value of taking the press release and re-purposing them as fresh and compelling website content either by including them on a company’s website and/or using the content as blog fodder or social media status updates.

When was the last time you wrote a press release about your business?  If you say more than a month – then you are over due. Plan to write a release once a month. That’s 12 times a year that you can keep your name in front prospects! 

Consider using a professional website writer or marketing writer to help you. Not only do we have experience and understand the  many ways press release content can provide value for your business – we can also take it off your “to do” list. Why add something to your task list that just gets buried on your desk and never done when AllWrite Ink is here to help?

Call me – Deborah – 330-414-8792.  Let me get your name in front of prospects.

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