Press Releases – Still a Viable Marketing Tool

Person reading a press release

In my recent newsletter Words People Read I talk about press releases and how business owners can use them to keep their company name in front of customers.

The newsletter went out to my mailing list yesterday and then last night I received an email from Joan Stewart of Publicity Hound with a new tool available from HubSpot that offers a Press Release Grader.

I have to be honest, I expected to use the tool and be reinforced that my press releases are terrific. Afterall, it is one of the many services that I offer customers. And I did get a great score, but the press release grader offers some great suggestions about titles, key words and hyperlinks and contact information that can only make a great press release even better.

For my press release article – read the October Words People Read.
For the press release grader – visit HubSpot and cut and paste one of your press releases into the grader.

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