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Press Releases are a powerful tool for keeping your name in the news and in front of prospects. Website writers will tell you that incorporating your press releases on your website is a way to provide fresh content and let readers know that you are a vibrate, newsworthy business.Person read newspaper

89 Reasons to Write a Press Release

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After checking out Joan’s 89 reasons, make sure you consider having a professional writer craft your news release. There is a fine art to crafting a release that grabs the editor’s attention so that they are willing to feature your business in their paper.

The Value of a Professional  Writer

Marketing and website writers understand that there are many other ways to use a press release besides having it published in the local or regional newspaper:

  • An e-newsletter to your email addresses of prospects and customers
  • Link to your press release on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Upload your news to a variety of local and global online news resources and directories
  • Include the press release on your website’s news page
  • Send as a “snail mail” announcement to prospects and customers
  • Repurpose the content for tweets, status updates, articles, blog posts and video interviews

What AllWrite Ink Provides

At AllWrite Ink we work hard to incorporate your company news with strategic key words that aid in the search results as well as position the release as an article worthy of an editor’s attention. Hire the professional writers of AllWrite Ink to write your press release and we:

  • Interview you and other pertinent people for the necessary information and quotes that bring your news to life
  • Research your company and industry for additional information to strengthen the effectiveness of the news release content
  • Submit a first draft for your approval and revisions
  • Polish the final copy
  • Submit the release to the appropriate local and regional papers as well as industry journals if appropriate
  • Submit to a minimum of five online news directories
  • Provide you with a final version appropriate for your website site
  • Spread the word through social media sites
  • Provide you with an online link to the press release so that you can easily share via your own social media sites

Here are just a few examples of the press releases written by AllWrite Ink

Pet Fur and Dander No Longer an Allergy Nightmare

Ohio Based Business Opens Online HR Department

Creative Arts Therapists Benefit from New Book

Northeast Ohio Business Wins 1st Prize in Microsoft Contest

Protect Your Company Brand with a Policy for Social Media

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