Author Deborah Chaddock Brown Offers Valuable Resources
 Policy and Procedures coverPolicy for Social Media Manual A comprehensive manual, ready to implement. Includes 16 detailed policies and procedures for participating in social media both on and off the job.Also includes additional resources for training and implementation suggestions for all of the major social media vehicles. Includes a detailed “acceptable behavior” section as well as “consequences of unacceptable behavior” policy$49.95

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After creating, researching and revising multiple client’s Social Media policies, I found a comprehensive guide by All Write Ink. All of the elements from Introduction to Consequences are covered in their Policies for Social Media. The value of the last two pages of related resources make the cost a complete bargain. Thank you for a ‘complete package’ on Social Media and the related policies and procedures.

Sonya L. Weiland, PHR
Weiland Works Consulting

BACK TO BASICS FINAL COVER FOR THE WEB Back to Basics: 30 Tips to Market Your Small Business & Establish Your Expert Status Easy-to-follow and quick to implement tips to create your brand, identify your target customer and get the word out about your business.  

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 “Deborah Chaddock Brown is a bold-faced LIAR!!  She promises 30 tips to market your small business in her new book, Back to Basics.  But there have to be at least 50 of them in there!  With easy to grasp examples, Deborah offers the small business owner a cornucopia of marketing tips, tricks and best of all, proven techniques for building a rock solid marketing foundation.”

Drew McLellan, Top Dog, McLellan Marketing Group

 It'sAParty_Cover_042606It’s a Party: Planning a Successful Retail Sales Event Step-by-step workbook from the beginning planning stages through the successful sale. Includes detailed tips for what tasks to complete each week prior to your one-day sale. $19.95
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 This book is as simple and straight forward as they come.
Everything you want to know about planning a retail event/sale in a great step by step format.
I AM planning a closed door sales event for my retail store and this book is my ‘bible’.
It was only after receiving this book I got up the courage to set the date for the event.


Elizabeth J. Joyner