Back to Basics: 30 Tips to Market Your Small Business

Back to Basics: 30 tips to market your small business and establish your expert status in the industry.

 back to basics- 30 marketing tips for small business

Back to Basics is a must have, quick read guide to help the small business owner get the word out about their business without spending a fortune.

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“Most small business owners are great at what they do but lack the experience and knowledge to market what they offer,” said Deborah Chaddock Brown, author of Back to Basics. “Back to Basics was created to help entrepreneurs create a strategy to brand and market what they offer to the people they want to reach.”

 Back to Basics Gets You Thinking BEFORE You Learn the 30 Tips!

Even before Brown gets to the thirty tips, she starts by helping business owners understand two basic concepts:

  •  Value:  What is their unique value – why pick them over the competition?
  • Audience:  Who are you trying to reach?  “Don’t say everyone, or you’ll never reach the people that are really interested in your products or services,” warns Brown.

“Thinking of launching your own small business? Don’t waste another day or dollar dreaming about your idea until you read this book. Deborah Brown challenges, prods and forces you to define your target audience so well that you can almost predict what they eat for breakfast. And knowing your customers is imperative before you can sell to them. If you already own a business, you’ll find at least a dozen marketing ideas you can start using today to grow the bottom line.”

Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound

 Every tip is easy to understand and simple to follow!

 Text books may contain valuable information but if they are so dry they put you to sleep, what good are they? Back to Basics is straight to the point and easy to read.  Each chapter is focused on a single concept, strategy or idea and includes additional resources references.

Each chapter ends with One Final Word highlighting a specific task or thought to keep in mind when exploring the marketing tip of that chapter.

WOW!  Insightful. Easy-to-grasp. This is a perfect roadmap for a small business owner who is ready to grow.  Deborah packs Back to Basics with lots of “Ah-Ha-so-that’s-what-I-should be-doing” techniques.  It’s like having a cup of coffee with a smart marketing veteran who is willing to share her knowledge about the marketing tools that work.  What a resource!

Chris Brown, President, Marketing Resources & Results, Inc.

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30 Marketing Tips are Just the Beginning

The title suggests that the reader will learn thirty tips for marketing their small business but the fact is that there are over 100 additional resources, websites and worksheets referenced that provide the reader with even more valuable information, such as:

  • 80 reasons to send a press release from Publicity Hound
  • Free template for creating fool-proof press releases from Duct Tape Marketing
  • Free template for creating your monthly marketing calendar
  • 100 more tips for using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Free Connection to the headline analyzer by the American Marketing Institute
  • Free Business Alphabet worksheet and instructions for truly understanding your unique value to your customers
  • Five tips for repeat business
  • And much, much more!

 “Deborah Chaddock Brown is a bold-faced LIAR!! 

 She promises 30 tips to market your small business in her new book, Back to Basics.  But there have to be at least 50 of them in there!  With easy to grasp examples, Deborah offers the small business owner a cornucopia of marketing tips, tricks and best of all, proven techniques for building a rock solid marketing foundation.

 Read this book with pencil in hand because you’ll be taking notes in the margins as you plan your way to smarter, more effective marketing.”

 Drew McLellan, Top Dog, McLellan Marketing Group

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Three Sections Helps Organize the Book’s Value-Packed Content

Back to Basics is broken into three sections:

  1. Laying a marketing foundation
  2. Basic marketing
  3. Create your expert status

The marketing foundation section helps the reader think through their goals for marketing their business – beyond just making the cash register ring. Along with establishing their goals, this first section helps the reader create a strategy and a plan and then create a marketing calendar that will help keep them focused.

The marketing foundation also covers valuable content such as:

  • Creating a consistent message – visually and with content
  • Ensuring each marketing piece has a single, focused message
  • Learning the importance of and the how-to of measuring marketing effectiveness.

The basic marketing section shares tips for:

  • Determining where you place your message
  • Lessons in how to keep your name in front of customers
  • The value of press releases
  • The opportunities that a one-day sale provide and how to plan one!
  • The use of the Internet as a marketing vehicle

The expert status section helps to separate the reader’s business from the competition with such important ideas as:

  • Speaking in the community to gain awareness
  • Writing information-packed articles for the Internet
  • Using social media to build credibility, community and customer relationships
  • And so much more!

Back to Basics is a marketing guide must read for businesses trying to get a grip on marketing and not knowing where to start.  It breaks marketing activities into different strategic areas and explains why they are important and how to tackle them.Every day, marketing gets more confusing.  There are so many options out there.  That is why Back to Basics is so important.  Don’t try everything, get back to basics and do the things that are proven to work to market your business.

 Ron McDaniel, Buzzoodle


Learning can be Fun! Back to Basics Proves it!

Learning how to marketing, brand or operate your business by reading several business books can be daunting and frankly….no fun. Back to Basics truly understands that the reader is busy, stressed and although they need the information, they don’t want it delivered in a boring, lecture-type fashion.

Deborah Chaddock Brown writes in a conversation manner, you can almost hear her lively, witty banter in the text of Back to Basics with real life story examples and easy to understand references. 

Pick it up and read and chapter or two and begin to put the lessons in place. The chapters are short and to the point, yet jam-packed with tips you can put in place this very day to help market your business. 

After you have read and implemented the suggestions in the marketing foundation section, each tip stands on its own so open the book at random and learn how to:

  • Market from the inside out
  • Market to prior customers
  • Focus on your immediate community
  • The value of referrals
  • Podcast or use videos
  • Write book reviews on Amazon
  • And so much more!

 “Back to Basics is just as advertised – a thorough romp through the practical stuff that every small business marketer must know and practice. Deborah brings the basics to life in a fun and engaging way.”John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing


Marketing is Constantly Changing!

Marketing your business is never a “set it and forget it” proposition and in Back to Basics the final two tips address that fact.

Tip 29 on page 173 talks about the value of seeking out new knowledge – especially with the rise in social networking, entrepreneurs must be aware of new trends and challenge them to learn and try new marketing avenues.

The final tip speaks to the importance of evaluating and adjusting the marketing plan, the marketing vehicles and the marketing strategy. 

So Much MORE than the Basics…

A terrific read.  Great for small business owners or independent professionals to get new ideas and improve old ones!

 Norma J. Rist, CEO Consulting, Inc.

 For the small investment of just $19.95, you can be the owner of Back to Basics: 30 tips to market your small business and establish your expert status in the industry.
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Back to Basics is available as a paperback book or an e-book. The e-book offers 106 live links to additional articles, websites and worksheets making this one powerful resource!

Back to Basics, 30 tips to market your small business and establish your expert status in the industry, Copyright 2008 by Deborah Chaddock Brown, 184 pages.

ISBN-10: 097890543-1


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