It’s a Party Planner: Planning a Successful Retail Sales Event


It'sAParty_Cover_042606It’s a Party: Planning a Successful Retail Sales Event

Planning a one day sale in your store? Having a successful one day sales event takes planning and strategy.  The details can be overwhelming. That’s where the workbook “It’s a Party” comes in handy.

“I designed this workbook to take the thinking out of planning a successful one day sale,” said author Deborah Chaddock Brown. “A successful sale takes planning and strategy and my workbook helps the reader consider all of the aspects from selecting the right date to involving vendors and getting the word out.”

I’ve never been in charge of a big office event until asked by my boss to plan a back-to-school open house for kids and their parents. Went on-line searching for a book that would help me and found this “manual”. Followed her time-lines, calendars, publicity tips, and every other planning detail she included. Didn’t have to worry about what I forgot to do because Deborah thought of EVERYTHING. Our event was spectacular. This book saved me money, time and maybe my job.

 M. Goodman

From the article in the Dallas Market Center for retailers, “It’s a Party” was featured as a resource for helping retailers prepare for a one day event.  An overview of the eight week count down found in It’s a Party was a side bar article:

Party-Planning Timeline

“It is essential to plan the tasks out on a calendar so that you stay focused and remember all the numerous details that go into an event,” says Deborah Chaddock Brown, author of It’s a Party!: Planning a Successful Retail Sales Event. For a retail holiday event, she recommends the following as a guideline:

Eight Weeks Out: Select event date; determine offer/promotion; name the event; determine employee incentives.
Seven Weeks Out: Meet with employees; determine potential partner vendor and contact.
Six Weeks Out: Meet with mall/shopping center manager; determine area businesses to partner with; call vendors for door prizes.
Five Weeks Out: Put article in mall/area newsletter (if applicable); get permission to have tables outside store (if applicable).
Four Weeks Out: Write and design promotional flyer; write press release; contact area businesses; review inventory needs.
Three Weeks Out: Have employees start handing out promotional cards; send out press release; print mailing labels; design postcards; write e-mail announcements; print postcards and flyers.
Two Weeks Out: Touch base with any partner vendors; divide up “party” tasks with staff; order costumes (if applicable); mail postcards; hand out flyers; send e-mail announcement.
One Week Out: Pick up costumes/helium tank (if needed); pick up snacks and beverages; get a good night’s sleep!

This valuable workbook not only walks through the thought process of selecting an offer that will encourage shoppers, it also provides detailed task lists for each week prior to the sale starting eight weeks before the event.

This book was helpful. It helps you think of things that you might otherwise have forgotten or not thought of doing.

M. Babb


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Partying for Profits

 September 2010 edition of Hardware Retail Magazine featured It’s Party in their spotlight article Partying for Profits: How Hosting an Event can Improve your Business.

 “Spreading the news about your event is one of the most important components to hosting a successful fundraiser, customer appreciation day or whatever affair your store has thrown its weight behind. Depending on your audience, your communication strategies will be different, but one thing remains the same – no matter how you communicate to the community, don’t forget to communicate to your own employees.”

 It’s a Party offers a chapter focused on obtaining employee buy-in as well as offering suggestions for additional incentives to consider during your one day sale.

But wait – there’s more!!  I know, that sounds so lame, but for those uncomfortable with leading staff meetings, It’s a Party even includes an agenda and script for helping your employees understand the purpose behind the one day sale and suggestions for how to get their buy-in!

 This book is as simple and straight forward as they come.
Everything you want to know about planning a retail event/sale in a great step by step format.
I AM planning a closed door sales event for my retail store and this book is my ‘bible’.
It was only after receiving this book I got up the courage to set the date for the event.


Elizabeth J. Joyner

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The Perfect Guide Book for Delegating!

As a business owner, the more you can delegate the better and It’s a Party is designed with you in mind. The tasks are listed out in order and in detail; making delegation of individual activities a cinch!

In the TOOLS section of the book you’ll find:

An EIGHT week calendar – each week lists the specific tasks that need to be complete during those seven days:

  • Week 8:
    • Select the date of your event
    • Determine the sales offer
    • Name your event – Customer Appreciation – Inventory Clearance, etc.
    • Determine the incentive for your employees on the day of the event
  • Detailed financial budget for the event from marketing to balloons to the cost of additional inventory
  • Staff meeting agenda including the purpose of the event, the benefits and the details
  • Sample marketing materials:
    • Flyer
    • Postcard
    • Email announcement
  • Sample door prize sign up form to capture email addresses

 Why re-invent the wheel when Deborah has done all of the work for you? It’s a Party is a proven system for a profitable promotion, a pre-packaged event planner that works. Deborah Chaddock Brown has a great deal of first-hand experience with planning successful retail events and it shows!

It’s a Party is well written and broken down into sequential steps that anyone can immediately put to use and benefit from. Invest your time is running your business and leave the event planning to Deborah. It’s a Party is a winner!

 D. Sitter

 Follow-Up is Key!

It’s a party doesn’t stop with the planning but takes the reader through to after the event offering great questions and analysis for determining what about the event was successful and what could be done differently next time.

Say Thanks! This workbook includes reminders for saying thank you to all who helped make the event a success.

Financial Analysis Perhaps the most important part of this valuable one day sales event workbook is the analysis questions. Did you achieve your goals? The workbook includes a Special Event Budget worksheet that helps you determine the costs along the way; compare that to the sales and you’ll know just how successful your one day sales event was!

ORDER TODAY! For a minimal investment of just $19.95 you can download this incredibly valuable workbook to help get you started planning your one day event!
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 It’s a Party: Planning a Successful Retail Sales Event, by Deborah Chaddock Brown. Copyright 2006, 48 pages

ISBN-10:  0978905407


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