Policy for Social Media Manual

Policy and Procedures coverHave you been hesitant to open the flood gates and allow your associates to participate in social media?

Has the lack of a written Policy and Procedure manual that provides guidelines for social media participation been holding you back from allowing your associates to connect with customers?

Policy for Social Media is a comprehensive guideline that includes 16 policies with corresponding procedures to define the boundaries of social media participation.


Policies include:

– The proper type of status update – what to say and what not to say
– Finding people to follow and determining who should follow you
– How to incorporate social media into your work schedule
– How to promote a company event with social media

After creating, researching and revising multiple client’s Social Media policies, I found a comprehensive guide by All Write Ink. All of the elements from Introduction to Consequences are covered in their Policies for Social Media. The value of the last two pages of related resources make the cost a complete bargain. Thank you to Deborah Chaddock Brown for a ‘complete package’ on Social Media and the related policies and procedures.

Sonya L. Weiland, PHR
President, WeilandWorks Consulting

One of the most valuable components of the Policy for Social Media is the detailed Policy governing what constitutes UNACCEPTABLE SOCIAL MEDIA BEHAVIOR followed by the consequences.

Don’t block associates from talking about the company for fear of what they’ll say – ENCOURAGE their participation.

People buy from those they like and trust and what better way to build a relationship with your company than by getting to know the people that make it up?

Consumers want access to their favorite companies. They want the ability to:

  • Share their opinions
  • Offer their suggestions
  • Vent when it doesn’t go the way they expect
  • Ask questions of the decision makers
Having a written policy for social media allows you to encourage associates to connect with consumers knowing they have written guidelines that outline the process. Policy for Social Media is a comprehensive set of guidelines to help you get started.

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At the introductory price of just $49.95 (a $99 value) you’ll receive:
  • Instructions for how to customize and prepare your Policy for Social Media
  • 16 Policies which include the Statement of Need and detailed procedures for how to get started
  • Acknowledgement Form for your associates to sign and date stating they understand the policies and will adhere to them
  • Resource section with 37 additional links for articles, glossaries and how-to guides


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Order today. Just $49.95 and you’ll receive a complete Policy manual for social media usage.

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