Promote Your Next Event with Social Media

Social media has become the constant in our lives.  We use it to stay connected with friends and family, to network with colleagues, to see what is being said about our industry in real time and to share videos and photos.

What better tool to use when promoting your next event than social media?

I’ve just recently published an e-book entitled How to Promote Your Event with Social Media that offers specific tips and techniques for creating event pages online and then promoting the information to your community.

Promote Your Event with Social Media offers readers:

  • Tips for identifying their target audience
  • Understand how to be visible to your audience
  • Learn to speak the language of your participants
  • See the difference between a “customer-focused” promotional message and a “company-focused” message
  • Remember to determine the 5 Ws and 1 H and what order to put them in
  • Learn the value of making it easy to promote
  • Specific instructions for using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to create an event page and promote your function to your community and beyond
  • Examples for the use of photos and video
  • Guidelines for creating an event promotion strategy

In addition to my comments and thoughts, each of the sections includes links to additional resources, articles and worksheets to help you promote your event. 

Download the ebook to your e-reader or PC and begin learn How to Promote Your Event with Social Media today. Just $7.79 from Amazon.

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