Social Media in One Hour a Day

success stories of social media superstarsI’m reading the book Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars – skipping around – finding amazing information on every page, including the last chapter.

Social Media in One Hour a Day by Dave Evans who actually wrote a book by the same name.

As a strong believer in having a customer focused social media strategy – I really enjoyed his approach. He believes in listening first! Awesome. He sets up the hour with a plan:


By doing it in this order you are forced to be engaging rather than just promotional. Love it!

But here is the one thing that I found brilliant – he talks about building your contact list by keeping track of the Tweeple you follow; those on Twitter, (also LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs) that are like minded individuals or those who inspire or have their finger on the pulse. Creating a cross-venue list of those you are interested in. These are the people you connect with, talk to, follow, quote, comment on their blog and retweet. 

Amazing idea. He suggests writing down their names on a list so you aren’t having to hunt through your history of status updates to find them again. Love it!

I recommend the book – the chapter and the idea. Social media in an hour a day. Not only possible – it is doable.

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