Spice up your Website Writing with Graphics

Just found a really fun FREE site that allows you to customize the images they provide with your business or personal message.

Create a Series of Messages with RedKid

RedKid offers business signs, airplanes, buses, cartoon characters and even a women wearing a t-shirt that “hearts” your company. Check it out. It is a fun way to add a little color and customization to your website content. It works great for blog content as you can see here. I spent way too many hours creating a series of different images and saving them to my computer for future blog posts.

Visit Redkid and click on Images. Then select “sign generator” and you’ll find the complete library of open source images you can customize for your business. They work great for creating birthday cards or party invitations as well. One business peer of mine used the Blackberry image above for all of her daily business tips. She had to go in and create each one separately – tedious – but the end result is pretty clever!

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