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Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Through Social Media

How many of you still use the paper Yellow Pages that comes crashing onto your front porch a couple times a year? I mean use it for something other than a door stop or booster seat for your toddler? We

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Podcamp Cleveland is Just Around the Corner

Mark your calendar for April 30, 2011 – all day Saturday you will be joined by leaders in the social media industry as well as newbies to the medium. It is an unconference, by that I mean, no one is

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7 Social Media Secrets that Build Awareness

I was recently asked to speak to a group of women business owners – I was given 25 minutes and I needed to talk about social media. The most talked about and yet rarely understood topic that is on the

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Why Executives Should Embrace Social Media

If you are an executive sticking your nose in the air at the latest “fad”…social media…you better look again. As a leader in your business, you like facts and figures so here are a few for you to ponder: •In

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The Social Network – Candid Comments About the Movie

The world is abuzz with Facebook – over 500 million people participate and in the United States people spend on average 55 minutes of every day. Since that figure is an average – you know that many are spending even

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Need a Social Media Buddy?

Just like everything in life – it goes better with friends. Social media (just like it sounds) is a social environment where people are connecting to share information, generate a discussion or seek help. Recently I had the opportunity to

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Develop a Social Media Strategy

How many hours do you spend trying to participate in Social Media? Is it working for you? Do you have a measurement system in place? Is LinkedIn a tool or just an online resume with a few connections that you

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