Here’s What People Are Saying about Deborah Chaddock Brown



As a website writer:

 “Deborah has an uncanny ability to get inside my head and write as if I were speaking. Her understanding of operations and business lend itself well to her finished product. Most importantly, she learns about the intended readers and writes in a manner that gets their attention and compels them to take action. It’s always to a pleasure to work with Deborah. I can trust that she’ll provide me with quality writing that communicates the corporate message and gets results.”
David Minnix, VP of Store Operations, Dots

“AllWrite Ink has a gift for communicating information in a manner that is creative and informative and appeals directly to what is important to the reader. Their management of the communication process is succinct, efficient and always ties directly to the overall goals of the business.”
Todd Murray, President Beltone


“Just want to thank you for all your hard work in helping to plan the roundtable discussions as well as developing content for the daily newsletters during the franchise convention last week. I was especially thankful for your support in writing scripts for the intro “bit” with Roger Sump and the awards banquet. We received fantastic feedback from the franchisees. Without question, this was the most “impactful” franchise convention that we have ever produced. Thanks again for your help in making this convention both memorable and productive.
Bill Vaughan, Vice President Franchising, Pearle Vision

“Deborah is the first copywriter I have worked with. As a Web designer, her services really complement mine because a well-designed Web site that speaks to its visitor will always out-perform a pretty one that does not have a clear message and “call to action.” It’s so important to write Web site copy for the visitor over the search engines. Many people do not understand this simple concept. Deborah does, which sets her apart from other people in her field. She is also very pro-active in the world of blogging and speaking, something which really benefits her clients and people looking for her type of service. I recommend Deborah for your next Web or copy writing project as she can work on both small and large projects.” June 11, 2007

Paul Mycroft , Owner , Paul Mycroft + Company


“I had the pleasure of working with Deborah Chaddock Brown at Pearle Vision. I found her to have a high level of commitment to her area of responsibility, which at the time was Director of Operations. She had an incredible amount of knowledge in communicating effectively to the field associates, and she utilized this strength to implement a new communication program. This program incorporated all business areas (merchandising, marketing, finance, distribution center, manufacturing operations, loss prevention, etc.) which delivered a dramatically improved communication tool, providing tremendous reference material for all associates in the company. I learned to become a more effective communicator through her leadership, and I have taken this experience with me in my career. I have also implemented this communication concept with other business. I enjoyed working with Deborah, and I would highly recommend her for any endeavor.” April 6, 2008

Christopher (Chris) Sixt , Director, Merchandise Planning & Replenishment , Pearle Vision/Cole National


Excellent publication!  Thanks for all your time and effort on behalf of Women’s Network!
Marcia Adair, FedEx

“Deborah writes for one of my clients on a monthly basis and she is an excellent value and excellent quality work. What she provides is an important piece of a long term marketing strategy. I highly recommend her.” October 17, 2007



“I have had the opportunity to work with Deborah for the past several years. She was fantastic for a web project we worked on together for a high-profile client. Deborah interfaced directly with our client, and knocked it out of the park. It has also been great to interact with her during our exploration of this wonderful world of eMarketing!” October 15, 2008

Brad Kleinman (Brad@WorkSmart-eMarketing.com) , Chief eMarketing Officer , WorkSmart – eMarketing LLC


“Thank goodness for Deborah. She set up my blog site and got me running. She listened to my needs, added information that fit my needs, and taught me how to maintain the site. She is delightful and a great instructor. She can help anyone who does not have the technical know-how or the time to learn how to set up a blog site.” March 13, 2008

Lauri Burkons

“Deborah was instrumental in helping me launch my website. I didn’t have the time to write the copy for a site I knew I needed for my business. With pointed questions and active listening, Deborah unearthed the key messages I wanted to reflect my business. She was able to organize the content in a user-friendly manner and made the process painless. Thanks to Deborah my website has messaging that accurately reflects what I offer to my customers in a compelling, easy to read manner.”
Greg Rosenberg, President, Business Communication Solutions, Inc.


“As Chairman of the National Franchise Advisory Council (NFAC) representing the Pearle Franchise community I had the opportunity to witness Deborah’s work firsthand over the last two years. While Deborah did not create the vision we embarked on, she was the person who made it come to life in the minds of our franchisees and corporate personal through her communications in both the written word and speech. She facilitated tremendous change in our company and in the franchise organization’s relationship with the executive team. She also brought excitement to the work of achieving our goals and helped us have fun in the process.”
Roger L. Sump, Former Chairman and current member of the NFAC

“Work with Deborah when you want to work with someone who is efficient, professional, fast, and can write in your voice to move you or your company forward” November 18, 2008

Leslie G. Ungar


As a customer relationship speaker

 Comments from recent “Becoming a Growth Organization workshop”

– Deborah was engaging and imparted the right amount of fun, learning, humor and purpose into the session.  Excellent all around.

– I especially benefited from the segment on communications between departments.  It is surprising how much we don’t know about what they want or need from us and vice versa.

– It was a great opportunity for the company to work together on some common goals.  The training was a valuable first step toward becoming a growth organization.

Deborah Chaddock Brown was scheduled to present two breakout sessions on Marketing at our first Small Business Symposium in August. She packed the room for both sessions. My attendees are still raving about her presentation.


Deborah has presented to networking groups a couple of times on marketing and customer service for me during the past year. Each time the participants have walked away with lots of information that they could put into practice immediately. People are still asking me when I am having Deborah back.

I highly recommend Deborah as a speaker at your next event. Cathie Moss, Administrative Services Coordinator Lakeland Institute for Economic Advancement, Lakeland Community College

“The Canton Chamber of Commerce presented Ms. Deborah Chaddock Brown as the keynote speaker at today’s “Fast Break Breakfast”. Fantastic Speaker!!! Ms. Brown spoke about blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, interactive websites and other social media tools. Her presentation was enthusiastic, informative, timely and filled with specific examples of how to grow your business and client base. If asked to recommend a speaker/presentation on the use of social media in business development and other related topics, I would strongly recommend Ms. Deborah Chaddock Brown.”  Andrew Spriegel  


Your staff members will learn the importance of listening to the customer and building lasting customer relationships in Deborah’s Make or Break Moments workshop. It will improve customer loyalty and your bottom line. Deborah Mercier

Deborah – We really appreciated your presentation at the Women’s’ Focus Group Meeting on October 19th.   Sharing the challenges that you faced and opportunities that were attained really made our attendees identify with your efforts in starting your own business.  I received excellent feed back as to how helpful your advice, experiences and suggestions were.You certainly were a wonderful example of the career options and opportunities that are available for a woman today.  Thank you! Ann Kretschmer, Right Management

“It was such a pleasure meeting you last week! I learned so much from your seminar. Thank you very much for your time, tips, and information!” Julie Clarke, participant in Driving Traffic with One-Day Events

Deborah is a dynamic speaker. She is engaging, humorous and knowledgeable.

Deborah’s expertise with Marketing Strategies has been valuable to my company.  I expect a marked growth as I employ the strategies.

Cindy Stone, Cindy Bags

Testimonies from participants at the recent Ins and Outs of Social Media at the Stark County board of Mental Health conference. 2-2011.

Fascinating info! Great topic to discuss at this conference. She is a fabulous speaker and would highly recommend more information from her!

Speaker held my attention well. Very personable and knowledgeable.

So much!  Especially how to present oneself via social networking. Excellent speaker – the best so far. Very valuable content. Great choice!

DCB is a dynamic speaker – charming and engaging. She explained terms and concepts very well. Good communicator! I’m on Facebook, have heard some about Twitter and LinkedIn – DCB told me things I didn’t know and shared sites that will be of great value for me. Whoever hired DCB – fantastic call!!

Excellent speaker – she could have easily filled a longer time slot.

Great presenter – great credibility due to her age and experience.

Thank you for explaining things in a way that I, a non-techie, can understand.

Great presentation – funny, yet insightful. Kept our interest and lots of great information.

Testimonies from participants at the Things Remembered social media workshop


Deborah Chaddock Brown was a dynamic speaker, very knowledgeable, and her style kept me engaged the entire time.  She delivers the information with a good dose of humor which adds to the discussion in a positive way, i.e. she’s very likeable.”

“Social media can be a fantastic tool as a source of desired information. I learned that social media is a great instrument to help find information via the individual professionals that have accounts on the site and/or via the various groups established on the site. I never looked at that potential before.”

“I wanted to thank you for bringing in Deborah to enlighten TR about the lack of privacy in the social networks.  Although most of the information did confirm my general discomfort with the evaporating barrier of personal versus business within these networks, the information and call to awareness was desperately needed as we all participate in the evolving technical world we live in.”



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