The Best Landing Pages Offer Current Information

So what is the latest trend in your industry? What are people talking about? Have you discovered the value of Search Twitter’s Advance search capability?

Visit Search Twitter and click on the Advanced search button. You’ll see a form like pictured above that allows you to enter a lot or a little information:

  • Key word exact or in any form
  • Geographic location
  • Person’s name
  • Company name
  • “?” to find people asking questions about a key word phrase
  • “:)” or “:(” to find comments that are positive or negative about a key word phrase

I find that entering a key word phrase and the “?” provides valuable information on what people are searching for. People want to read what is current. They want to learn more about a topic that is of interest.

By using the advanced search option on Twitter you’ll find the latest trends and topics of interest. Use that information when writing content for your blog or when providing articles or website content that people will find of interest.

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