The Latest Stock Option – You!

Are you ready for this? Social media has added yet another way to waste your time – buying and selling each other. Yep, you heard me. Launched this past month, Empire Avenue a website that allows you to buy stock in others that are active on the Internet.

How does it work? It’s free. You set up your account, upload your photo, fill out a description of who you help and how you help them and then link together Empire Avenue with your other social media accounts; Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The more people you have in your social media accounts the higher your initial stock price.

For every action you complete, you get “dollars” in your stock portfolio so that you can buy stock in others. Each time you complete a level you get little certificates and Empire Avenue encourages you to send a tweet to let your peeps know.

So let me digress for a little bit. 

I have a 14 year old daughter who I will not allow to be on Facebook. So about two years ago, she and her friends set up accounts on Gaia. A children’s social network site. They can upload avatar images that represent themselves, fill out a bio of their likes and dislikes, link to friends and play games. Each time they complete a level they get “dollars” in their account that allow them to spruce up their site and “buy” things for their avatar.

Wait.  Did I just describe Empire Avenue twice???

Okay, so I got sucked in. I signed up – my stock opened at $18 (it is up over a dollar today) and I linked my accounts and tweeted my friends, I bought stock in a few people, but when it popped up that I’d gotten a certificate and opened a new level on the site I smacked my forehead.

This is the adult version of Gaia. 

Then I looked at the clock.

Where had that hour gone?


So what do you think?

How do you feel about a site that has people buying each other? Oh man….this just can’t end good.  Share your thoughts in the comments section below unless you are a spammer (which there have been a lot lately) and to you I say “good day.”

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