The Social Network – Candid Comments About the Movie

The world is abuzz with Facebook – over 500 million people participate and in the United States people spend on average 55 minutes of every day. Since that figure is an average – you know that many are spending even more time. So how did it begin?

The new movie The Social Network based on the book Accidental Billionaires, tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg etal and the start of Facebook. Whether expanded upon with creative license for viewing audiences or not – the movie still shares some insight into the motivations of using the Internet and social media to connect with people, create awareness, build community and make friendships.

This past Sunday I viewed the movie with five other women business owners and afterwards we shared some thoughts on the film:

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Has it changed your view of Facebook or the people involved.

How would you answer the two questions we tossed around:

Would Facebook be what it is today without assistance from the Napster guy?
Did Mark really steal the idea for Facebook from the twins or is it like Candace states – many people have ideas, it all comes down to who came bring them to life.

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