Too Much Social Media Hurts Your Brand

Too Much of a Good Thing

There is a guy in my LinkedIn network that loves to answer questions. Each week on my LinkedIn status update I find that he’s answered 50+ questions in the areas of his expertise.

Some may say “wow he clearly knows a lot.”

Not me. I say “Is this guy out of work? Has he nothing better to do with his day?” So one week I got curious and I visited his website. He is a marketing consultant. So now my question is “How does he have time to work with clients if he spends it all answering questions.”

Not long after I was having a struggle with a video I had uploaded to YouTube and so I went to LinkedIn and asked a question. Guess who was the first person to answer? Yep. Mister Know-it-all. Guess, what – he doesn’t know that much.

His answer? And I quote:

Happened to me also… Couldn’t find any solution either…

I wanted to reply – THIS is how you get to 50 answers a week? By wasting my time with your non-answers? I was livid. Not because he didn’t have an answer, but because he knows that his non-answer racks up points in the game of “who can answer the most questions.” So if someone didn’t dig deeper they might think “wow, this guy knows his stuff.”

There is a fine line in social media with reaching out, connecting, driving traffic to your website, improving your search engine results and then just wasting a bunch of time.

Rachel Farrell of Career Builder wrote an article recently called How Social Media Can Kill Your Career.

“If you are very active on social media, an employer should question how your online activity is contributing to the company’s mission and achievement of your individual goals,” says Michael R. Neece, president and chief operating officerof “An employer would certainly ask what is not getting done by you spending so much time socializing on social media sites.”

Think about your social media participation. Be strategic, thoughtful and add value. Be the one people look to for advice, not the one people talk about behind your back.

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