Top Four Priorities When Writing Websites

Leslie Carruthers of Search Guru

Leslie Carruthers of Search Guru

Leslie Carruthers of Search Guru was a speaker at the Make Money While You Sleep conference and as I’ve previously mentioned, she spoke to the value of doing your keyword research when writing websites, but that is just one of the four top priorities to consider.

“If you want to help your website improve its organic search results, you need to do four things,” said Carruthers. The four things were:

  1. Key word research – don’t assume you know the words prospects are using to find you – do the research
  2. Use key words in your Title tags – the words that appear at the top of the screen when someone lands on each of your website pages – the search engines look for these words – make sure you use geographic terms (Ohio, Midwest, Phoenix, Gold Coast, etc.) and in your headlines and hyperlinked text (those words that are linked to take readers to another location or file).
  3. Use Headline tags – not just bolded text but Html coded headline text with your key words to start each paragraph. 

Website Writers Use Key Words in Their Headlines

The code for headlines like the one above is <h1> before the text and </h1> after the text.

4.  Write great content. You can try all the supposed tricks to help your organic search results but at the end of the day, you have to write great website content if you want to capture the readers attention.  

Think about the websites that attract your attention – better yet, think of the ones that lose you at “hello.” How are they set up? What words do they use? Do they use any words or just pictures? Is there a call to action? We’ll talk about call to action in  another post but for now, your marching orders are as follows:

  • Assess your website for the four priorities listed above – does your website need improvement?
  • Consider partnering with a professional website writer that can help you by writing great website content
  • Or begin the process yourself of assessing each page for the four priorities and tackling them one at a time
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