Twitter – The New CB Radio?

Last night as I drove south on Route 8 through Cuyahoga Falls the traffic came to a stand still.  It was about 6pm and I was already late for a 6pm meeting. I looked in the distance but couldn’t see any reason for the delay. 

I turned on the radio but couldn’t find a channel that told me about road conditions.  Frustrated, I suddenly thought of Twitter.  Since my car was stopped (please don’t drive and text or tweet) I tweeted out this message:

What’s up on Route 8 #cuyahogafalls #akron parking lot here.

I followed up with another tweet:

#caraccident route 8 akron?

Within less than two minutes I had a response!

@Trog_RPC said

@putcustomers1st there was an accident in the south bound lane just before Perkins. Its down to one lane but it looks like it is opening up.

Just like that I knew to get off at Tallmadge and take the back roads through the valley to get to my  Akron meeting.

Twitter – the on the spot, real time, people connecting CB radio of the 21st century.

Thanks Trog_TPC

10/4 good buddy!

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