Two New Tools When Writing Websites

Site Meter

Do you measure the visitors that land on your website or blog? There is quite a science attached to this strategy. You can learn what search terms brought them to your site, if they came from Explorer, Firefox or Safari, how long they stayed, what page they arrived on and what the last page was they visited before they left.

This information can be very valuable if you are striving to drive traffic to your site based on key word search rather than someone that knows you and knows your company name and intentially visits your site. I’m in the process of learning/understanding/utilizing this tool as I strive to drive traffic to my Policy for Social Media manual. You may already use Google Analytics but have you heard of Site Meter?

I was impressed with the level of detail the reports provide. I have added both services to my sites and look forward to comparing the results.

Link Within

Have you read a blog and at the end of the article, found several additional article titles with hyperlinks. “If you liked this, you may also enjoy…” Well, Link Within takes it one step further. Add the HTML code for Link within to the end of your post and it will generate additional articles titles from your blog archives, but rather than provide the list in words – you’ll see the blog recommendations in photo form. Check out the end of this post for an example.

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