Website Writers Understand the Importance of Website Usability

There have been millions of articles written about website content, website functionality and effective use of website design, but it never hurts to get back to the basics of understanding what is important for a website to be reader-friendly.

Consultant Mikal Belicove recently wrote an article in Entrepreneur magazine entitled The Usability Factor in which he offers six factors for your website:

  1. Messaging
  2. Navigation
  3. Effectiveness of calls to action
  4. Response time and performance
  5. Accessibility for users with disabilities
  6. Content and readiblity

He also suggests several tools you can use to measure your effectiveness:

Tools for the Test

Online website usability tests let you collect feedback from hundreds or even thousands of users at a time. Here are some I recommend:

Loop11: Create user tests, invite participants and collect and analyze meaningful usability data, all using a highly refined and affordable interface.

Usabilla: A fast and simple way to collect visual feedback on web pages at any stage of development or deployment.

Userfly: Sign up, install the provided code and watch what happens. Brilliant.

UserTesting: After you sign up, these folks shoot webcam video of your customers (or their panel members) while they use your site.

UserZoom: Conduct task-based studies with hundreds of users to measure efficiency and effectiveness.

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