What are the Benefits of a Freelance Blog Writer?

You want to have a blog but just don’t have the time to write.  Or perhaps writing isn’t one of your top skills.  Have you considered hiring a freelance blog writer? 

Freelance blog writers offer the benefits of:

  • Being familiar with the different style of blog writing – not the same as marketing writing
  • Knowing how to incorporate key word phrases into the blog content
  • Creating readable blog posts
  • Understanding the value of a great headline
  • Taking this task off your to-do list!

Why do you hesitate?

Most say it is because a freelance blog writer wouldn’t understand their industry or be able to write in a way that correctly projects their brand image.  In a recent article called The Ghost Speakers, blog writers from around the globe share their secrets to successfully writing for someone else.

Here’s what I tell my clients that hire my blog writing service.  I meet with my clients to discuss what topics they’ll want to cover.  They provide information for me to research.  Often my clients will send me a voice mail or email with a topic and a couple of bullet points and I take it from there.  I send the blog posts to them for approval before posting to ensure that the tone of voice is correct and that I’ve correctly depicted their viewpoints on the subject.

For less technical blogs like gardening or crafting that I also have an interest in – we discuss broad topics and I fill in the blanks. 

The benefits of a freelance blog writer speak for themselves – you are increasing your visibility on the web without the added burden of having to write a blog post each week.

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